Science concerns everyone.

The IISC Institute of International Science Communication, based in Vienna, wants to help ensure that science can be understood by everyone.

Seminars and media training

We organise communication seminars and media trainings for everyone involved in science. We establish contacts with the media.

Consulting and Multimedia Production

We advise on how scientific findings can be communicated in the best possible way and implement them: We produce multimedia communication tools as well as teaching and press materials.


We document successful examples of international science communication and analyse the status of science communication in selected countries.

Why Science Communication?

Scepticism towards science in Austria is, according to the Eurobarometer particularly pronounced - more so than in any other state in the EU. IISC's work aims to reduce this scepticism about science. We want to help explain how we all benefit from science every day. Without exaggeration: it can save lives - keyword Corona.

Without exaggeration: this can save lives - keyword Corona.

But scientists also benefit from comprehensible communication:

  • If you explain your research in a generally understandable way, it will also be better understood by colleagues from neighbouring scientific fields.
  • Science communication helps one's career as a scientist. More mentions on Social Media - especially Twitter - can lead to more citations in scientific literature. 
  • Especially in basic research financed by public money, it might help if the funders also know what you are doing. In other words: Science communication that is understood by politicians can bring in money. And it is only fair to those who pay taxes to explain what you are actually doing.
  • Media presence also makes you stand out to those who award funding or interesting jobs. Increasingly, communication skills are also a hiring criterion for top jobs in science.
  • In an environment where pseudoscientific nonsense can spread like wildfire in a very short time, voices of reason need to be heard. And it does good when these voices are heard.
  • And it's fun. Try it out!



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